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Casino rules


Casino Has Rules


Every casino has a certain set of rules to follow that you must know and understand. You could be nervous about playing for the first time and that is absolutely normal. This is precisely why the first rule in casino gambling is to learn the game well before trying your hand at it. Prepare yourself well in advance before you move on to the more complicated stuff, especially when the stakes are high.

The second rule is that a player must go through game tutorials that are easily available by running a quick Google search. You can also approach the dealer at the table who will be more than happy to teach you the rules of the game before beginning.

Follow Casino Etiquette

The following list of things comes under casino etiquette and you must follow them so that the dealers are polite and nice to you and you are appreciated by other players.

  1. Avoid sitting at a table if you are not playing.
  2. Wait for the hand to be over before sitting at a table.
  3. Avoid taking your phone while at the table.
  4. Avoid touching your bet once you have placed it.
  5. Touch your cards with one hand only.
  6. Keep tipping your dealer regularly.
  7. Avoid touching your winnings until the dealer has counted them and sent them your way.



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